Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Rickshaw Run

So I am a big fan of travel videos, I mean, I'v talked about mister Louis Cole before (FunForLouis) who is a daily vlogger of his travels across the world and a few others. But something really cool came up about a month (And a half? Can't remember) where the channel JacksGap announced the Rickshaw Run.
If you don't know who JacksGap is a channel run by two brothers

My lovely skills on Paint. 
You may not have noticed BUT 

They're twins.
Finn loves film and does most of the camera work, while Jack is more of an on screen boy. Though both do...both. About a year or two ago they went on a trip to Africa which they had been planning for, and filmed it all, but while they're at home (England) they make little silly videos, including one where Jack tried to convince his viewers that Finn was merely just a silly trick to make his videos more interesting, AKA, not real. 
But back to the main event, recently they released a trailer for The Rickshaw Run which is an event that occurs every 6 months (there's a winter and summer one) where teams drive a Rickshaw  across India. The Rickshaws aren't the most dependable vehicle so dangerous accidents have occurred and breakdowns are almost for sure. But the two twins and many other youtubers (Including FunForLouis and Ben Brown) were not afraid....well maybe a little afraid, of the great journey ahead and have spent months and months preparing their project showing us their experience of the Rickshaw Run. The first part came out today and the others are soon to be released. The project is a compilation of all the participants (who are with Jack and Finn) footage, mashed together in videos around 14 minutes long.
If you enjoy these types of videos and enjoy pretty boys and beautiful country sides, then I advise to check out The Rickshaw Run and follow their adventure. 

Here is the trailer....

And here is the first part.

That's all
Love, Lizzie

All other info can be found in the videos x

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