Sunday, September 8, 2013

My favorite fall fads

The Large/Chunky coat

Everyone loves a good coat, but really this season I love how the 90's style of winter coat is coming back strong.
Not a lot of good fashion choices came from the nineties (I'm looking at you windbreaker) but some really stuck with us because they had that clean cut style, and fierce attitude. Making you look professional, or a put together easy going. Either way, it's a great look that has been transformed into something new and fresh, being pared with clean heels, loose jeans and a great button down/t-shirt, it can look like you stepped out of a prize collection.


Whether it's layered over a button down, or just thrown on because it was the first thing you saw waking up, it's hard to go wrong with a sweater. Yes, there have been some very loud, very tacky sweaters that we've all seen but they usually just make you laugh, not go "oh gawd." and try to dispose of the image you just had ingrained in your brain. 
Who doesn't love a good cozy sweater for winter and fall? That's right, no one. Because sweaters are the thing that everyone goes to get when they feel chilled, when you're sitting outside under the stars and you shiver, you go get your favorite sweater to throw on. 
My love for sweaters is undying, because they are one of the base clothing items every person who lives in a place where the weather gets cold, should own.

Classic/Easy going 

Now yes, this isn't a certain piece of clothing, it's more like a style, but it falls into this post because it is one of my favorite fads by far.
Classic looks are coming back strong, along with the put-together-but-comfortable style. This has always been my favorite style, but I'm glad that the public eye is being drawn to it more now. 
This fall I'm hoping to see more classic than uggs and northface jackets.
Not hatin on northface, they make a good jacket, I just got tired of seeing them everywhere last year.
So yes, thrift shops will be getting bombarded because everyone wants that classic, easy style. 
I really can't get enough, and I got SO very excited when I bought my first issue of vogue (September, you may have heard of it) and fell in love, not only with the articles but the clothing they had the lovely Miss Lawrence in, if you haven't seen it all, I suggest you go take a look.
Some styles never die, and these certainly won't for me. 

Thanks for reading
Comment below on which fads are your favorite! 
Love, Lizzie

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