Friday, September 6, 2013

A Tennessee Safari

I'm back!
Now, before I do anything (like smother your eyeballs with endless photos of safari animals) I would just like to apologize for my sloppiness. I know blogs are not professional work, but I like to keep so at least ALL my words are spelled correctly.
So yeah.
Just wanted to say, and now we can begin.

It's so good to be back, though the trip was SO so nice it's a good feeling to be home, with all the things you are familiar with, and I have so many outfits, and blog posts, and lookbookers to show you!

Oof, I'm rambling, so let us ACTUALLY begin.

So in Alamo Tennessee there is a safari park, locally owned but pretty well known with the large billboards in Jackson and the people of Alamo driving by it all the time, so my Aunt and Uncle (who have surprisingly, never been to this park) decided to take us all to the Alamo Safari Park.
We drove onto this sketchy looking driveway, to be met by a large white home, with columns on the front porch and flowery bushes neatly trimmed in the front lawn, making it a typical, Gone With the Wind southern "wealthy" home. An wrinkled up man with a large brimmed hat meets you at the gate, takes the admission money, and hands you buckets of food. "Keep your thumbs in when you hold out the food." He mumbles with a thick Tennessee accent.

The first animal to meet us as we drove past was the lovely Camels, one of which my cousin delivered.

Lovely creatures, pulled the feed buckets right out of my mother hands, but lovely. Gentle, with their large floppy lips and awkward legs but really quite sassy.

The next were the large, very social birds that dipped their heads right into the back of our truck to get the small amount of feed in our buckets. Following behind with excitement until the next car full of people, and food, came. 

You could tell these animals were used to the screeching kids, and laughing adults, not being flighty, or jumpy in anyway, very confident as they walked up to our large truck, the shorter ones craning their necks to reach and the tall ones shoving their noses into our ears, buckets and hands. 

I resisted the urge to sing "Circle of Life" to all of them as we drove on.
It was difficult. 
The open enclosure part of the park was extraordinary, all the animals lived together (no predators were in this part of the park) and it was a large enough space that they all had a part top themselves. Small pigs to large Buffalo, llamas and antelope and of course the ostriches and other birds. 

After we had seen all there was to see, and met all the animals in the open part, we unloaded to walk through the more zoo like area. 

The shy little Giraffe wouldn't come out of his barn, either because it was too hot outside or he was being a diva.
Probably a diva.

These had monkeys, smaller birds that could fly, lemurs, baby goats, llamas, and camel, and other little creatures that would do better in separated enclosures. 

In the end, it was very enjoyable and all the animals (like I said) we're kind and gentle. But I'm back home for a while now, so sorry, you're not getting rid of me completely yet ;) 
Soon to come:
Lookbookers, fashion and more. 
Thanks for reading!
Love, Lizzie

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