Tuesday, August 13, 2013

They Stood (Part one photo project)

So today, well more like last night, but today i got the idea for a photo project; take ordinary people (that i know of course) and strip them to their bare minimum, except for little color splotches.
Yes it sounds like a crack pot project but hey, it came out pretty.
The two girl in the photos are my older sister (19) and her best friend (18) both were surprisingly excited for the photos and i promised to make it quick.
These are the results:
The brown eye of Marilla...

Irish rings sit on the hand of Suzanne, the best friend.

And the grey/green eye of Suzi

Bracelets, made by me, signify friendship between the two.

We tried a serious route, but didn't work out too well, the girls enjoyed it a bit too much i think...

Thanks for reading xox
Love, Lizzie

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