Wednesday, August 14, 2013

My favorite Lookbookers (part 3)


Adria Machado 

This students from Barcelona isn't afraid to show his style that is for sure. With his easy going, yet edgy outfits stood out to me among the many lookbookers. His blog gives you an even better look into this young mans style, Bear Your Fashion is a perfect name for it. Adria couldn't be over looked whether he was alone in a room or in a crowd of thousands, it's impossible not to like what he does.

Adria's links:

Amy Valentine 

This pokemon loving, fashion adoring, photography obsessed young girl certainly stands out to me. I found her blog even before i was on Lookbook and loved it from the start. Amy's adorably edgy outfits catch my eye ever time. It was actually quite hard for me to pick just two photos in this post (Not just with Amy) because they are so lovely. If her pink hair doesn't make you love her, her style will.

Amy's Links:

Kiki Li 

The mysterious young woman stole my heart with her cute, eclectic styles. A mixture of vintage and easy going things like sweaters and trousers, made me fall in love with her outfits immediately. This fellow blogger captures easy yet together. Which, as you may have noticed, is one of my favorite styles. But she brings something new entirely, and we will never know the face behind the black bobbed hair and hats. 

Kiki's Links:

Elle-May Leckenby 

This lovely Australian lady is quite the gem. With her dramatic-one-minute-sassy-the-next style she catches the eye of many. with her love of photography and the ocean she blogs her way through life while blessing us now and then with inspiration and just pure waves of loveliness. With a face and style as adorable as her name, she can't be over looked. It's hard to explain, so I'll just have to show you...

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Love, Lizzie xox