Monday, July 29, 2013

Some of my favorite lookbookers

So i'v recently gotten into the hit fashion site lookbook (you may have heard of it) and i'v found many "lookbookers" that i really enjoy.
Some you may know, and some you might not but anyways here are four that have caught my eye this past month. 

Bobby Raffin 

This blogger from Toronto has an eye for great style with his DIY fashion. His mixture of bright colors with subtle accessories really makes him stand out. Nothing holds him down with his 'free as a bird' air and pastel colored hair, making and collecting clothes for his shop Gypsy Sale with his sister and friend, he certainly deserves the following he has. 

here are Bobby's links:

Anya Arbuzova 

A beautiful name to match a beautiful little lady from Moscow is as cute as her style. This 17 year old's looks are impossible to dislike as she is easy and breezy.
I will definitely be looking forward to her future looks and styles.  

Anya's Lookbook

Jacob Zelechowski 

This Poland teen stands out in the lookbook community with his fun and rough style he makes his way  around the world, dreaming of travel and brightening the world. Jacob is not to be overlooked that is for sure. He certainly captures the 'teen' side of the fashion community. He records his travels and outfits on his blog, FIY (Fresh is Yummy)

Jacobs links:

Elene H.

This 18 year old from Berlin caught my eye not too long ago and i'v been in love with her style ever since. Much like myself Elene likes the more vintage side of fashion, making her mark on the lookbook community with her eclectic looks.
Elene is definitely one of my favorite lookbookers, and i can't get enough of her. If you haven't fanned or followed her yet i suggest you get on that. Though she is last in my post she is NOT least, i'm so excited to see what she puts up next. 

Elene's links: 

All these people are just 4 of many of my favorites, i'm pretty sure i'l be doing more posts featuring lovely blogger/lookbookers 
Each of these are extremely talented, extremely lovely people who give a certain greatness to our fashion community. 
If you haven't followed/fanned/joined yet i would say you should. 

Thanks for reading :) 

MY links:

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  1. really great features! thanks so much for including me! your words are soo kind! I also really like Jacob for his style. i can also agree with that you wrote =] now following your blog , keep it up -Bobby

    1. no problem, and yea thank you for giving permission and following! i did the same xo

  2. I love Bobby and Elene style!:) Amazing blog!:) Thanks for including me and that nice words that you describe me. See ya ~ Jacob

    1. Thanks so much :) and yea, they really caught my eye
      Thanks for reading!