Saturday, July 6, 2013

Some Finds?

SO the thing is I was gonna document my fourth of July BUT i forgot my memory card for my camera.
I know.
So only my sister got like...four pictures on her camera, so maybe i'l put those up but for now...i'm just gonna show you some things i found at a garage sale.
(For those of you who are still reading, why. why are you still reading xD)

I might have been very excited about the record box...

Very excited.

this was my mom's pie. thought it should be documented. 
because it tasted delicious.
an looked like Jesus blessed it.

ope. here's another one.

Well guys i hope you enjoyed this post, i know it wasn't that interesting i just thought some of you might like the stuff 
Thanks so much for reading and watching my videos, every view means a lot to me :)

Love, Lizzie 

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