Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Vintage Romper (My first fashion...thing...that's actually me and my clothes HOLY CRAP THIS IS A LONG TITLE)

SO yea, the title pretty much sums it up.
I've been wanting a romper, and i'v been looking at a few from Forever21, you can see them on my wantworthy list, and since i'm very cheep (HAHA it's cause i have no money...) i was only looking at one, and then buying four other articles of clothing (REALLY CUTE SHORTS THIS YEAR) but then my mom came home from Sally's (Salvation Army, classy....) and pulled out this:

The reason i'm wearing my homemade high wasters is because the romper itself is pretty much as short as a bathing suit, SO, to avoid awkward situations (i mean theres already a closeup of my boob so, ya know) but there is a picture without the shorts where you can see a sliver of my VERY WHITE thigh.


Anyways, the romper itself is VERY old, proven by the very yellowed very old JC pennies tag, it has ribbing (i think that's what its called...) up the bust area, (NO ONES GETTING TO THOSE PUPPIES) and down the torso, as you can see in the picture...you can also see my very messy bedside table.


But yes, it was a dollar (YEAYAAAAA) and it's well made (like i said, ribbing, thick material, and an extra set of underwear bloomer things in case you feel like you need two sets of undies. 
I enjoy it really does well for my figure, making it look like i have curves and it's pretty modest. Definitely a good summer around the house/beach addition to my wardrobe. 
Hopefully doing a haul soon! 

But since i have no moneys it might be a little while ;P 

Love, Lizzie

(I wanna thank everyone who's still reading! I'v decided to let Polyvore post, because...well...you guys seem to enjoy them so yea. Thanks again!) 

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