Sunday, June 30, 2013

My Home

If you read my blog, then you most likely have noticed that I would very much like to travel in the future...

Not...Travel into the future, my future...OH YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.

Anyways, though i want to do that, i sometimes forget how beautiful the place where i live is, sometimes you have to be happy with where you are, and not think so much about where you want to go.
Home is special, and i think everyone knows that, so i thought maybe i'd share some of my home with you...
if you're still reading after the weird future ramble at the beginning...

Well after you looked at those fifty billion pictures of sky and lake, now you can look at people playing cards...cause that's interesting....
But still, my family loves playing cards, and that's a big part of home so..ya know...

And here is a quick Doritos commercial...

Thanks for reading (if you still are)
Love, Lizzie

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  1. Great photos - love the sunset ones! :)

    1. thanks! And yea, i thought i was too beautiful not to capture

  2. loving these photos!!