Thursday, June 6, 2013

Just some bits of life

Life is so funny when you think about it, it's all made up of people and doing things with people and using things people have made. 
We say we hate people, but people are life. They make conflicts and fun, and sure Animals and plants and trees are alive as well but humans are very strange.
They can find joy in anything in the worst times, and trick their brains into thinking that things wont get better.
Okay enough of that.

I snapped this picture of my sister (Marilla, 19) and her boyfriend (Joe, 17) because they just looked (and i hate to say this cause it's my sister) So in love in this moment, not like in the lusty love, or even the romantic kinda mushy love just i love you love, the kind that lasts. 
they just look happy haha that's why i caught the picture.

nature is so beautiful, here we see the wild Lizzie with her mother.
ignoring her cause she's weird.
that's love. 

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Love, Lizzie xox

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