Tuesday, June 11, 2013

It's kind of funny

through my shortish life i have had so many different things that i wanted to do when i was older.
I wanted to be:

  • A Writer
  • A fashion designer (never a model though i dunno why)
  • A singer
  • An atress
  • A Director
  • An artist
And many others haha
But now i realize i'm a bit of a mix of all of them, i love fashion and it's a big part of what i enjoy in life. I still love writing, and now i have a blog, i'm currently in a musical and NOW i'm going to put up singing videos.
That's the funny thing about life (lol corny line) is that we're always changing, but in the end we might be a big mix of all the things we've wanted to do, or have tried.
I know i know but still, what i mean is, though i'm really young i have changed a lot in a really short time, not something that i exactly love about myself but still it's important to change, but it's really special if you know what to keep in your character and what to lose.
Does that makes sense? 
I dunno. 


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