Sunday, June 23, 2013

A little bit of what's happening in my life (part one?)

So my brother's married now.


It seems like just yesterday he was twelve playing video games in our basement, what happened?
Oh well...

Well these photos aren't so much of the wedding (that was my sisters department) so these are just a little bit of the weekend and the wedding pictures will come later.
So yea.


The groom on the left, best man on the right...
The rehearsal at the falls was quite the know you're out of shape when your legs are hurting after walking a quarter of a mile 

my cousin Sarah...looking beautiful...

The reception was very hot, but thankfully we had a nice breeze to cool us all down

My mother, seen here holding my cousins daughter Summer, was very happy to have a baby in the house again...I think it was refreshing from the big kids. 

My cousin Daysha holding her oldest daughter (3) Emma, the morning of their departure. It was a sad to see them go, but I think the girls were ready to be home.

The weekend was lovely for sure, but it sure tired all of us out.
Extremely tired. 


More to come, thanks for reading xox

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