Monday, May 13, 2013

This is awkward.

So i just realized Polyvore has been posting without me knowing.
So i hope you enjoyed the ENDLESS STREAM OF SETS I MADE.
Oh gawd.
In other news, i ordered my Camera! I should be purchasing my Laptop and editing software within the month and i am VERY excited to start filming.
The video you say?
I'l keep the video a surprise but it has Urban Indians, an unfortunate happening with a boombox and about...oh i dunno, four sentences in the whole thing.
exciting ;P
I'l post the video up as soon as it's finished and you can all (The four of you that still read my blog that is ;P) see it.
Thanks for sticking around!
Love, Lizzie
P.s. Sorry i havent posted a real post in more than i month! So much to do with the wedding, auditions for Music Man, and just everythhing!
Thanks again


  1. That's annoying about Polyvore! I had no idea they could post on your behalf! x

  2. yes it was quite surprising haha