Friday, April 12, 2013

Rainy days

If you live in a place like, New York, the UK, or Maryland than you know that the beginning of spring means one thing:
And lots of it.
Sure, you know that after the rain passes it'll be nice and warm and all the flowers and such will be blooming and angels will be singing and lollipops will grow out of the ground but before we get the there we have to go through Mordor for at least, i dunno, a month or two/
So today (Being rainy day number three in a row this week) i thought i would put up some craft idea, nail art, diy junk and also for the lazy people (such as myself) the best movies, snacks, and lazy person activities.

  • First off, you need these things if you are choosing the lazy path: a pet (if you dont have one a pillow will do) a large warm fluffy blanket, a chair/couch, a tv/computer and your fine self. 
  • If you choose the non lazy person way of going about your day you will need: stuff.
For the lazy person:

For the Nonlazy person: you will need whatever you need.
jeez you guys are big kids.
(i dont think it's just for holiday)

I dont wanna make this TOO long so you can find many other good ideas on the heavenly Pinterest (go follow me:D)

Love, Lizzie

Also, please comment or contact me, i'm thinking about either doing a questions post(you can send me questions in comment/emails or other ways :P but i need at least ten so)
Or, putting up a video of me singing.'ll be awkward.

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