Sunday, April 7, 2013

Lazy Sunday

Yesterday, (Saturday) was my acopella groups concert (Well it was alotta peoples concerts but still) and we kinda started out backstage as a hot mess, but once we were on stage we were cool as a ice...
As i said, i've been extremely busy this week, and havent really had any ideas for a post at the moment.
So i'd thought i'd give you my guide to a a lazy sunday ;)

  • Netflix: this magical program that lets people watch seven seasons in a day(i'm looking at you dr who)
  • Popcorn/chips/your favorite snacky snack. ( ICECREAM IS ON THAT LIST) 
  • lots and lots of blankets and pillows.
  • nail polish.
See, NOW i have those things, (ADVENTURE TIME ON NETFLIX)but this morning it started by me taking a shower, then, after getting out of the shower, i ran to my bedroom. 
And i was running very quickly and when i opened the door to my bedroom i got stabbed in the foot by an upside barbie table. 
And i am now compromised. 
Because i was betrayed by a barbie table.

i trusted it. 

Love, Lizzie 

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