Sunday, March 31, 2013

That one thing

There is always that one thing that inspires us.
That kick in the buns that sends us flying toward our future. Of course not everyone finds this one thing right off the bat, and sometimes people will ignore their jump starts but there is ALWAYS that one thing.
Whether it's a boy helping someone in the grocery store, or a quote you saw on a milk carton, a picture that reminded you of something someone said or a song.
It's different for everyone: sure, we see a lot of things that make us stop and go: "Wow, that is amazing. Maybe i should do something that i love with my life." But (And i think i'v said this before) there is only one thing that will actually get us to start moving.
To go kayaking in Alaska, or stop buying that really awful brand of cookies that you really like but know that they are slowly shutting down your major organs with the stuff that is inside them (What) or go to Africa to help raise awareness of Aids and HIV viruses (That escalated quickly...).
And yes, this post is containing some things that make me go: "Wow, that is amazing. Maybe i should do something that i love with my life."
But maybe it has that one thing for you.

 And, ladies and gents, if your kick in the pants isn't in here, then i suggest going out and looking for it. Or, if you have already found it, help someone else find it.

But when you and i find our push (I have a few actually, it's like having a "push me" sign taped to your back) let's share it with each other.
Because sometimes a push comes from someone getting theirs.

 Love, Lizzie

Thanks so much to my followers, and everyone who comments and takes a peek at my blog, it really means a lot and it brightens my day a bit i cant lie ;)
So, thanks :) and i hope people are this supportive when i get my buns on youtube *figuratively*
Comment below if you have found your push, or not, either way i love hearing from you :)

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