Tuesday, March 26, 2013

It's Only A Dream

Some say a dream is the  unconscious telling the conscious what it needs/wants.
I really hope this isn't the case, because if it is, then i need/want a crazy group of
five and six year olds playing in a screemo rock band.
Yea, no.
But that's not what im talking about. Sometimes, i do believe your dreams
may be like that.
For instance, i'v been having a recurring dream which i believe is what i want.
Dreams are funny that way; sometimes you cant bear to wake up from them,
you even may try and squeeze your eyes shut after waking up, hoping that
one sliver of the dream is still there.
I do that when it's a cliff hanger.
Other times you may will yourself to wake up because it's so terrible.
"Dreams are successions of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that
 occur involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep."
Says Wikipedia, the all  great one of information. No one really knows
 WHY we dream, but thanks to Star Trek we know we would go bonkers if
we didnt.
I looked up recurring dreams but got nothing, mine arent like the falling
 ones, or the being nudy in front of people, mine is real.
And since i'v gotten your attention here is my recurring dream:

The first one was me walking into a shop we have on our property
and finding my father, looking as if he was caught off guard, asleep on the
couch in the shop.
It's a bit fuzzy but the next thing that happens is me calling for mom, me
staring at my father who is looking very guilty, and my mother coming in and
staring as well.
The second one started where that one left off, my mother tells me to go out
and i hear her yelling at my father, who, says that he didn't want to freak us
out by coming back. He never really died but after the memorial and the ashes
 he saw that we had spent so much money he felt bad.
(Of course this is NOT what my father would have done in the real world)
So my mother tells my father not to set a foot in her home (She was a bit angry)
and so i go out to see my Dad and i talk to him for the first time in 2 years.
I know they are just replaying things from my memory, i saw this happen at one
point (Dunno where the yelling came from, my parents never really were that type)
in my life, but i was talking to my father.
And i can't lie, it was lovely.
Fast forward through some trippy dream stuff (A weird water camp, a very
nice hobo giving me a bike, and some other junk) and i come home to find my
mother sitting next to my Dad looking at him like he was a million bucks.
And then i woke up.
I know this is probably very random, and very uninteresting to you but i just thought
 i should get it out there since i dont have the guts to talk about it with my family,
 i thought i'd rather talk to complete strangers about it.

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 brightens my day ^^ Even every view!
Thanks for reading
Love, Lizzie

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It's Only A Dream

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