Friday, March 15, 2013

For the Late Nighters...

I am a night owl.
I know this isnt rare for a teen who lives in New York (What?) but still, i am a night owl.
It's not that i dont like sleeping, i mean, i LOVE sleeping, but i like falling a sleep much more then i like waking up (who doesnt?!) so what im getting to is that i decided to make a post for the night owls who are on the computer right now (It's probably late somewhere...) who have already seen all the funny things, and read all their other blogs.

First, you gotta know if this post is for you:

This post is for you if....

You stay up watching videos instead of sleeping. (PewdiePie, Smosh, Olan Rogers...all those good people)

You stay up reading instead of sleeping.

You would rather sleep in, then go to bed early.

Your reading this instead of sleeping (Or doing anything else really...)

You once stayed up till 5 in the morning and then slept till noon.

If you do 3 things off this list this is a post for you...or you could just read it anyway.
(I wanna have this be for guys and know...good mix of things...NO PORN THOUGH...sorry...not sorry)

You should probably sleep now.
Or not.
Lets not forget youtube...

Love, Lizzie


Here's more videos:


Sorry again about the language....


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    1. hahaha if that's a compliment then thank you ;P Love the blog btw