Friday, February 8, 2013

Secrets for keeping warm in an east coast storm

Hello my darlings, as you may have heard Nemo is coming at us on the east coast, and if decided if you're in a snowy cold place at the moment you should have some ideas on how to keep cosy.

Warm blankets, those are very important. Kitties help too.

Hot drinks (cocoa, tea, dandelion drinks, coffee whatever floats your boat)

Fuzzy pj pants and cozy sweatshirts

Warm foods (chili, soup, yummy...cookies?)

Lots of good movies (ferris buelers day off, toy story, ya know)

Well I know this is a short post but I've been very busy with getting ready wih Jamaica that is only TWO days away! So I will be away until the seventeenth and il have so much to share with you guys, so please stay warm and cozy and if I don't make another post before I leave thanks so much for reading and il chat again in a week!

Love, Lizzie

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