Monday, February 18, 2013

Honey, I'm home!

So as you may know i went on a trip with my family to Jamaica, and it was awesome and beautiful and epic and awesome.
And, as i promised, i have some pictures for you lovelees.
The place that we went to was Beaches, Negril. A resort on the coast of the island, we left on Tuesday (12th ) in the morning and we got to the Jamaican airport in the afternoon, we drove from almost one end to the other of the island, and the drive was amazing. So much life!

Sorry i didnt get better pictures, or more pictures, but i had my ipod and Grace (The photographer sister) wouldnt take any of the towns and cities.

If you dont know this already, then i'l fill ya in; The interest on houses is so much more then ours, (And we thought we had it expensive...) if i can remember correctly its 27.9 and still going up. The bigger the house the more expensive it gets. So they start with one room (kitchen and bathroom) then when you get more money you build more and more. As you get the money, not many people save up completely and start, because the price keeps going up.

So there's that. And then we drove all the way from Montego Bay  to Negril.

And the resort. Was. Epic.
The beach was there with the warmest part of the Ocean i'v ever been in and i saw a mantaray that was sleeping right in front of me in the water, i admit i might have freaked out just a tiny bit...
The resort was beautiful, though I would have liked to see more of the "real" side of the island. But i still loved it, when we first got in it was pretty late so we ate dinner in a restaurant on the beach (i had Jamaica Pepper Shrimp) and went to bed...or at least i did...
My sisters went to the public talent show that was happening in a show room a little ways away on the resort from our bedroom.
Anyways, we (like stupid people) made friends with many of the people who worked on the resort, though we we're only staying for four days...So yea. We got to get pictures with a two of them, but the rest we either couldnt find or werent working when we left. Murr.

This is one of the pictures we took with one of the resort Photographers; Demar. He was loads of fun and so nice to us.
We turned the tables and took a picture of him before we left.
Oh, and Geckos were every where...

There were many pools and water parks and even a water slide but my Sisters and I spent most of our days on the beach and in the Ocean.

I mean, who would pass up this?

I hope you can (if you havent already) go to Jamaica, the people are lovely and it's truly beautiful. But if you dont like Goats and birds, you might not wanna go...
I hope to go back and see the Island more outside the Resort because it seemed pretty epic.


Her name was Shakira and she was only 3-4 years old, pretty young for a Dolphin and she gave me a big kiss on the cheek. Another place you should visit is Dolphin Cove, which is where you can swim and ride dolphins, pet and ride Camels, touch and feed a little shark, and play with a manta ray.
The workers are awesome (including Shakiras trainer, Alex) and it was so fun.
Leaving was the hardest part for sure. We scrambled to find our friends (Renard, Fasha, Tyrone, Clive, Demar, etc) and walked the Resort at LEAST ten times around before we left. Eating the free food and drinking awesome smoothies. By the end we had gotten properly sunburned, rode on a glass bottom boat over a reef, gained at least 10 pounds and bothered many tourist boys.
By the end we were all crying/dying inside.

Its good to be home though. We we're met with a friendly 18 degrees outside and snow falling on our front door.
Just kidding it sucks to be home.
I'm coming for you next, England. So watch out.

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