Wednesday, February 20, 2013


So, I'v decided to make a random post about what makes me happy/sad and junk like that...SO LETS GOO

Things that make me happy:

Good shows (The Office, Parks and Recreation, Dr. Who, Sherlock...)

Gray Post Spring Days (I know, weird)

Sunny, clear, windy, hot summer days.

Making people laugh.


Fictional Characters.

A really good outfit.

When my hair feels soft.

Good food.



Singing and acting.

Musicals and plays and books.

Things that make me unhappy:




The fact that my little brother only got seven years with my Dad.

Stupid people.

Closed minded views.


Stepping on legos.

Comforting someone over the phone because you cant be there in person.

Bad food.


Enough about that, because its making me blue. LETS THINK OF SOMETHING HAPPY!

Okay, i'm sorry this hasn't been the best post. It kinda sucks,  but i PROMISE that the next one will be so much better! Probably something days or artists stuff...

But it will be nice. I promise.

If you want to suggest anything comment below! And also, tell me one thing that makes you happy, and then one thing that makes you sad!
Challenge given.

So! I'l see you soon, you sexy wizards who poop skittles.
And also i AM kinda working on a youtube channel...maybe...So Comment! And i'l post again soon!

Love, Lizzie

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